Abstinence: The Real No Intelligence Allowed

I stole the title of an awful movie for an equally awful concept.

The previous Monday began my first day of high school abstinence… I can barely bring myself to call it “education.” That would imply that the program is somehow deserving of being called education, that it somehow teaches something. I think I’ll just have to get over it temporarily, if only to ensure clarity. My call to arms, so to speak, against abstinence (hurk) education began long before last Monday

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New Year’s Resolution?

This is a teensy bit late in coming, but if you’re looking at this blog right now, you are staring at my 2010 New Year’s Resolution. I’m not exactly sure how many people made the resolution to blog this year, but however many there are, I have joined the ranks.

Still unfamiliar with the concept of blogging, I’m only doing what seems natural to me. That is, making a sort of introduction. I made this blog to document my life as a young (teenage) atheist in an overwhelmingly Christian town, thoughts on religion, education and the school system, writing, various bits and bobs of interest, and most of all, growing up.

It sounds insightful in print, but I won’t promise depth, humor, or anything else until I actually deliver it.

(Though I may not deliver anything until I play around with these themes some more. I’m terribly picky about web aesthetics; fortunately, even the premade themes for WordPress are incredibly attractive.)

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